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== [[Enterprises]] ==
== [[Enterprises]] ==
'''[[Experimental College]]'''
'''[[Experimental College]]'''
*[[EC Director]]
* [[EC Director]]
*[[EC Asst. Director]]
* [[EC Asst. Director]]
* [[Accountant]]
*[[Catalog Editor]]
* [[Catalog Editor]]
*[[Facilities Coordinator]]
* [[Facilities Coordinator]]
*[[Public Relations]]
* [[Public Relations]]
* [[Webmaster]]
'''[[Bike Shop]]'''<br />
'''[[Bike Shop]]'''<br />
[[Bike Shop Manager]] <br />
* [[Bike Shop Manager]] <br />
'''[[Rainy Dawg Radio Station]]'''<br />
'''[[Rainy Dawg Radio Station]]'''<br />
*[[RD Director]]
* [[RD Director]]
* [[RD Assistant Director]]
* [[RD Assistant Director]]
* [[RD Technical Manager]]
* [[RD Technical Manager]]

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Getting started

Table of Contents
Find your position below, click on it, and get started. If you have a position not listed please add it, if you have additional articles of information outside the positions and offices listed here, link them.


Student Senate



Experimental College

Bike Shop

Rainy Dawg Radio Station


Arts and Entertainment

Off Campus Housing Affairs

Committee Organizing Rape Education

Office of Government Relations

ASUW UW Leaders
Leaders Directors

Committee on Eating Disorder Awareness
CEDA Director


American Indian Student Commission
AISC Director

Asian Student Commission
ASC Director

Black Student Commission
BSC Director

Students with Disabilities Commission
SDC Director

Gay, Bisexual, Lesbian Transgender Commission
GBLTC Director

La Raza Student Commission
La Raza Director

Pacific Islander Student Commission
PISC Director

Women's Action Commission
WAC Director

Joint Commissions Committee


ASUW appoints volunteers to all the committees delineated below. Some are open, while others require an interview with the Vice-president and approval from the Board of Directors. Check our website for more detailed information.

ASUW Committees

(Non-ASUW) Student-Centered Committees

University Committees


Taskforces are temporary entities created to study something. At the end of a year they present their findings. The following year they may be renewed or begin the process of becoming ASUW committees. Their findings usually lead to a policy or structural change either in ASUW or the University's relationship to students and student services.


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