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Negheen Kamkar is serving as the Vice-chair of the Student Senate for the 111th Session of the ASUW.

Goals for 2011-2012 [18th Session]


  • Transition OA-17-16 by preparing and training the new leadership and senators for Session 19 in spring quarter of Session 18
  • Parly Pro 101 for New Senators
  • Visibility on campus through creative mediums [for example: short videos via Facebook/YouTube/Twitter]
  • Increase Senator Participation in OGR
  • Utilize senator input based on straw polls and surveys to create a more thrilling, and exciting Senate
  • Enhance political experience by engaging Senate with current affairs outside of UW [for example: 5 min forum on national and/or international current events lead by individual senators]


  • Provide student groups and RSO’s across campus the opportunity to utilize Senate as a town hall for their projects, communication outlet, and campaign medium
  • Host Forums with a variety of individuals that will provide accurate information senators need on RELEVANT Issues that matter to students
  • Organize community events that provide opportunity to empower the student voice regardless of ASUW affiliation


  • Comment Box for Collaboration of Ideas/Concerns/Suggestions [available online & senate meetings]
  • Continue to work closely with the Daily
  • Recruit to all ASUW commissions, RHSA, Greek Community, Off-Campus Students, and other RSO’s by attending kick-off meetings, using email list-serves, and most importantly handing out information about Student Senate during Orientation and First Year Programs
  • Present all pieces of legislation passed through Senate to the Board of Directors and provide report to Senate meetings
  • Create packets for all senators that offer valuable information regarding the structure of ASUW, contact information, and tips on how to write resolutions
  • Organize Quarterly Forums with at least one Board of Regent and the Student Regent to relay student concern [supported by R-16-18]
  • Meet with committee chairs on a regular basis for quarterly reports to go over concerns and recent events and create transition report folders for the next year’s leadership team


  • Have a complete understanding of The Standard Code of Parliamentary Procedure by Alice Sturgis, ASUW Constitution, and Bylaws to ensure meetings run effectively
  • Maintain oversight over legislation that is passed to ensure “follow up” by BOD and work closely with Oversight Committee Chair
  • Update all relevant websites (ASUW wiki, and as a reliable resource for the UW community
  • Serve as a reliable resource for each individual senator by assisting with the writing of legislation
  • Collaborate with steering to create a relevant and engaging agenda for Senate meetings
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