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The OGR Legislative Coordinator is a badass who chairs the Legislative Steering Committee and is a member of the staff of the Office of Government Relations.


Historically, the ASUW Office of Government Relations has run one large-scale event: Lobby Day. Lobby Day is usually held in February and consists of UW students traveling to Olympia to lobby on behalf of ASUW and the Legislative Agenda.

In 2005-2006, OGR decided to add a new event, called the Legislative Pre-Session Reception. This event brought together student leaders and members of the administration and faculty, and invited members of the Washington State Legislature to campus to meet with them. A dinner and round-table discussions allowed legislators to come to campus and see what students felt, prior to the beginning of the Legislative Session in January.

Chair of LSC and LPC

The Legislative Coordinator is the Chair of the Legislative Programming Committee (or Legislative Planning Sub-Committee), or LPC, which serves to provide the OGR and Legislative Coordinator with aid in planning and executing the events they run over the course of the year.

The Legislative Coordinator is also the Chair of the Legislative Steering Committee, and is responsible, with the two Senate Liaisons to the Legislative Steering Committee, for presenting the Legislative Agenda to the ASUW Student Senate.

Working With On-Campus Organizations

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