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The Open Selection Process is laid out in the ASUW Bylaws Article VI. Its goal is to ensure that appointments to committees are done in a fair and transparent manner. Prior to 2010, the Open Selection Process was created at the beginning of every school year by the Board of Directors and the Vice President conducted all interviews. Now, that process is contained in the Bylaws and interviews for ASUW Committees are conducted by the Committee Chair and those for University Committees are still conducted by the Vice President.

Current Open Selection Process from the ASUW Bylaws

G. The procedure for open selection shall be established in this section of the Bylaws and shall be applied to all non-paid ASUW appointments except those to the Student Senate or those excluded by Article VI, Section 2 of the Bylaws. The open selection process shall be defined as follows:

1. The screening of applicants shall occur by applicants completing the online volunteer application form created by the Vice President. 2. Every effort should be made to acquire at least 3 applicants before conducting interviews. In instances where there are a large number of applications for a single committee, applicants may be asked to submit responses to written questions. 3. All interviews for ASUW appointments must be conducted by the Chair of the respective committee and one other member of the Board of Directors. All interviews for non-ASUW committees shall be conducted by the Vice President or approved representative and one other member of the Board of Directors. 4. Interviews for Student Senate Commuter Senators shall be conducted by the Senate Membership Coordinator or, in their absence, another Senate Officer and the Vice President or approved representative. 5. Basis for Selection a. The underlying basis for selection of all volunteers requires that appointees have a desire to become enthusiastic participants in the Association; b. Appointees demonstrate either past experience in the work of the committee or volunteer position or a desire to acquire some experience; c. Appointees must express a commitment to providing regular updates on committee activities to the Vice President through the Governance Committee Blog; d. In the case of non-ASUW committees, appointees must express a commitment to representing student interests as determined by the Board of Directors and Student Senate. 6. Committees designated in these Bylaws as having ‘open membership’ are not subject to the open selection process.

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