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This committee assists the Finance and Budget Director in preparing the annual budget for the ASUW.

During the year, the committee is responsible for reviewing funding requests from entities; in particular, they look over capital expenditure requests and make recommendations on these to the Board of Directors during budget deliberations. They may also look over line-item transfers in entity budgets (upon request). Of course, the main function of the committee is to prepare a recommended budget to the Board of Directors by the end of winter quarter.

Delineated Duties

ASUW Constitution, ARTICLE XI


A. Membership.
1. There shall be nine student members as follows:
a. ASUW Personnel Director, who shall act as Chair;
b. ASUW President or proxy;
c. One BOD member, who shall also serve as a member of the Finance and Budget Committee;
d. One member of the Student Senate;
e. One ASUW employee; and
f. Four students selected at-large. During Spring quarter only, two additional students at-large shall serve, bringing the membership of the Personnel Committee to eleven.
2. A representative of the Student Activities Office shall be member without vote.
B. Functions.
The functions of the Personnel Committee shall be to:
1. Recommend salary guidelines to the Finance and Budget Committee for submission to the Board of Directors;
2. Recommend ASUW personnel policies to the Board of Directors; and
3. Serve as a grievance committee to the Board of Directors for all personnel grievances brought by the ASUW.
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