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=Projects & Initiatives=
The major projects currently are:
Student Leadership Lunches-Campus Council
Collaborative Learning, Study Group Pilot Program
Career Advising included in academic advising, with UWAA mentioned for its Husky  Career Network use.
Music-UW Showcase
Senate Reform: Constituent communication & accountability initiative.
Voter Registration Materials at EAC Voting Booths During ASUW Elections
*On Wednesday, 4/14/10, emailed Archita ( and Jono (, asking they think about having voter registration materials available at the EAC voting booths during ASUW elections.
ASUW Video Before ASUW Film Sneaks
*On Saturday, 4/10/10, emailed Kyle and Ronak about discussing putting a 30 second video about ASUW prior to ASUW Film Sneaks. Mentioned that Kyle did an awesome video earlier this year and maybe that could be shortened up and used
*On Saturday, 4/10/10, emailed Kirk Heynen ( to see who to contact at KEXP and if there is a way RainyDawg could be played on KEXP; feel that there should be some leeway since UW owns KEXP
Commuter Commons Legislation
*On Saturday, 4/10/10, emailed Neil Rotta ( about passing legislation through the Board on Thursday (4/15/10) regarding Commuter Commons so that support can be shown for this legislation. Let him know that his legislation from last year, edited to be made current, was used and want him to take a look at the updated legislation and make any changes he feels are necessary. Also told Neil that a meeting with Grant was held about CC in which questions of staff not being welcoming, etc. Also told Neil about what Grant had said he had heard (the same information about people not feeling welcomed) and what the staff is supposed to do currently. Asked Neil for any feedback he can give about CC after possibly going by there a few times during the week of 4/12/10.
MiniMax Program
*On Saturday, 4/10/10, emailed Eric ( and cc'd Katherine Margaret Stultz <>; Vice President Madeleine McKenna <>, regarding Eric's MiniMax program and how it could possibly be 'mirrored' in the ASUW offices. Also told Eric that Katie Stultz, the CSF rep at the Green Bag Luncheon, that there's many available, and want to know how get some of these; let him know that a specific count will be provided on Monday (4/12/10), but it will probably be around 50. Also let him know that legislation has recently passed through ASUW senate supporting expanded composting across campus as well, beyond dorms and into all campus buildings.
Academic Quality/Careers
*On Friday, 4/9/10, emailed (Ana Mari) about trying to find ways to increase academic quality without increasing cost. One idea is the use of study groups; sent her a survey and asked for her opinion on it.
*On Friday, 4/9/10, emailed Susan Terry ( about sending out an all-campus email, which will include a survey on academic quality and careers. Since only one question has been generated, asked for Susan's opinion on what other questions should be added to the survey in an effort to provide support for further career advising. Also informed Susan that the plan is to appas a resolution in ASUW, GPSS and Faculty Senate in support of career advising, etc.
*On Monday, 4/12/10, received email from Ana Mari ( stating she couldn't find or access the survey sent to her and wanted to know if it was the correct address she was given for that survey
*On Monday, 4/12/10, replied to Ana Mari thanking her for making the time to talk and letting her know she may have not been saved as an editor last time. Also let her know she was added her user name cauce as a contributor; told her to try this link...
*On Wednesday, 4/14/10, emailed Susan Terry ( a rough draft of the Senate Resolution being presented next Tuesday (4/20/10), asking for her feedback on it
Dawg Daze/Campus Committee
*On Friday, 4/9/10, emailed Kyle Fuller to let her know a meeting was held with Grant Kollet, Director of First Year Programs on 4/9/10, and Dawg Daze came up in the discussions. Basically there's a big opportunity to engage students and market ASUW if one visible event can be put on. If this were to work, the framework now would have to be set up now, since people are typically gone over the Summer. Also let Kyle know another meeting with Grant is set up for Wednesday (4/12/10) at 1pm, and that it would be great if she could come to the meeting. Also told Kyle the campus committee idea is great!
UW Showcase
*On Saturday, 4/10/10, emailed Kyle Fuller, Jason Baxter, and about starting an annual event/concert dedicated to showcasing UW student musical talent on Red Square; have professional bands come and play, but not so much UW student specific ones-this could better meet a need of serving our musically gifted students. This would mirror the logistics of the Poly Day, which performs on Red Square every Spring and could possibly be called UW Showcase. Below is the info.
What: A concert showcasing and providing a venue for UW artists to be heard.
When: May 7th (date tentative) lunch time/the time with the largest red square foot traffic
Where: UW Red Square
Why: To better serve our students with musical gifts.
How: 1) Set name, date, 2) contact Classroom Support Services to Rent Equipment and Red Square, 3) Get Student Bands to perform, 4) publicize through facebook event, word of mouth, flyers, Daily article, etc.
Eric Godfrey (Director of Student Life) supports this. Need suggestions for bands/artists interested in performing, and feedback.
*Saturday, 4/10/10, emailed; Jason Baxter <>;; Kyle Fuller <>;;;; Trevor Whiton <> introducing everyone to everyone else and informing the initial email recipients that more people have been talked to.
*On Sunday, 4/11/10, received email from Andrew Fung asking what needs to be done
*On Sunday, 4/11/10, emaiiled Andrew Fung back (cc'd to everyone else initially emailed) letting him know that location and equipment, as well as a tentative date and time, is going to be discussed with Trevor on Monday, 4/12/10. Let Andrew know that it would be helpful to let people know what's being worked on after talking with Trevor and then getting the event/concert publicized. Also let Andrew know that having a flyer ready by the end of the week with all the organizations involved, as well as the featured artists listed on the flyer. Thinking that Friday, May 7th beginning at 1 p.m. would be good since that is when it seems like Red Square has the most foot traffic.
*On Monday, 4/12/10, sent an email to everyone informing them about the discussion held with Trevor (RE: Red Square, HUB Lawn Spring Show and Equipment)
*On Monday, 4/12/10, received email from Andrew Fung stating he always thought the Spring Concert should have more UW acts in it.  Considering ASUW has paid thousands of dollars for a comedian/host in the past, he thinks some good UW talent could be found for cheap or even free to open up for the headliner
*On Monday, 4/12/10, emailed everyone back responding to Andrew's suggestion - let everyone know it will be discussed further with A&E
*On Tuesday, 4/13/10, received email from Kyle Fuller stating she believes having the Showcase before Spring Show "would be good because you would have a captive audience. If we had acts playing in Red Square, people are passing by and are not paying attention. This can be very discouraging to a performer. Then if we have it be acoustic, then not only won't people pay attention, but they won't be able to hear it. Even if we wanted this to be an annual event, I foresee the performers not enjoying themselves and that spreading by word of mouth, and next year's event not being successful. Also, where is the money coming from to pay for this? If it's in Red Square you need to pay for a stage and a PA system of some sort. And how will this be advertised?" Kyle would like to see the Showcase prior to Spring Show because there wouldn't be enough time to advertise and plan for an all-campus program and that if it was combined with another event, it would be more successful and easier to put together.
*On Tuesday, 4/13/10, received email from Trevor Whiton stating he feels that supporting student performances would be a good thing to do and that they "always try to incorporate student performers whenever and wherever we can.  Including spring show.  Couple factors the contribute to this are: Availability of appropriate UW acts in complimentary genres to headliners; Contractual approvals of the national headliner.  The headliner usually has artistic control over any other acts added to the bill.  This will sometimes affect our ability to add UW bands. Regarding Spring show.  Leena and I will check with our headliner as soon as they confirm to see what our options for UW openers are."
*On Tuesday, 4/13/10, received email from Leena Joshi she feels it would be the best to try and incorporate the Showcase with the Spring Show and including student performers because, she feels, having it that way would provide the performers with a more captive audience than they would receive in Red Square. Leena also stated, "for a HUB send-off it'd be nice to have more of a student presence on stage and lengthen the amount of time people can come hang out on the lawn. Headliners have creative control over their openers, to echo Trevor. So it will be something we'll have to wait on to explore/get approval."
*On Wednesday, 4/14/10, emailed everyone thanking them for their input about the Showcase, stating that after meeting with the UW Alumni Association, they have given their approval for the event and also let everyone know things should be finalized by this Friday (4/16/10) so promotions can begin, acts can be booked and fliers can be made.
Safety Initiatives on Campus
*Emailed Tunny on Monday, 2/15/10, about how the safety initiatives across campus communities, as well as asking about, specifically, what RHSA and ECC has done in the past about safety, which will also be discussed with Rene. Also want to find out about what the next steps are for Block Watch and the students who marked "Yes" in the Safety Survey under "Team Leader." Also want to find out the use of SCAN - want to get info out quick, but don't want to scare everyone.
*Emailed Jason on Monday, 2/15/10, about finding out if the city has a texting service that could be tapped into in order to provide current safety alerts for students. The thought for this is it would be a similar sort of system as a police radio (refining texts to only include certain police codes/status updates); thinking what would work best would be an app that translates police radio into text updates, but will work with Facebook for now. Feel the problem SCAN is trying to solve is that in providing immediate safety updates for those who want to know would create undue fear. Informed Jason about proposed Plan of Action in the same email: "Ask Jason & UW Tech/UWPD/Eric Godfrey how we can fix this with what we have: Possible answer: create two tier safety alert system-opt out for current uwalert, opt in for the service outlined above (if we can't figure a way on how to do this, they may, it seems there should be some office within UW that would be adept at handling this)."
*Emailed Eric Godfrey on Monday, 2/15/10, about who to speak with regarding modification of the current UW Alert program into a two tier model - (A) the current UW Alert modified to opt out & (B) opt in a UW Alert that provides immediate safety updates, perhaps via UW Alert Facebook page. Emailed Eric a second time to ask if UW has provided Safety Presentations before and, if not, trying to find out who to speak with about implementing these presentations, in some form.
UWTV Advisory Committee
*Received email from Randy Hodgins on Thursday, 2/11/10, requesting input/advice regarding creating an advisory committee for UWTV. He says he would like this group to "advise UWTV leadership on strategic direction for UWTV’s mission and role within the University of Washington. Specifically, the Advisory Committee will provide guidance on programming, marketing, audience development and policies that help guide the station’s transformation to become a centerpiece of UW’s outreach and messaging.  Members of the advisory committee will also assist UWTV to increase its visibility within the University of Washington and throughout the larger community by acting as ambassadors for the station and its mission. We would like to have someone from the ASUW on the committee, and I am hoping that you can help us identify the right person for this particular group."
*Emailed Randy Hodgins back on Thursday, 2/11/10, asking about what he means by open selection, as well as UWTV having an ASUW rep to advise on strategic direction on UWTV's mission/role within UW.
Textbook Campaign
*On Wednesday, 2/10/10, emailed Jason and Jennifer (new Affordable Textbooks Campaign Director for PIRG) regarding presenting the new textbook campaign (resolution passed by ASUW and GPSS) at the next Faculty Senate Exec meeting. Want to set up a time to coordinate this presentation.
*Emailed Nancy Bradshaw on Friday, 2/12/10, about presenting a Textbooks Resolution at the Faculty Senate Exec Meeting
*Nancy Bradshaw emailed back on Friday, 2/12/10, asking if the Resolution was only for discussion and not action since it looked like nothing was being asked for from the Senate. She stated the Resolution is word for word the ASUW's Resolution and asked you to advise about the foregoing.
*On Sunday, 4/11/10, emailed Jason and Bryan Pearce about Bruce responding to an email regarding a textbooks presentation to faculty senate. Bruce responded by stating the presentation would only reach about 80 professors, due to the current reform. The suggestion Bruce made was that maybe there was a way to work through the UBS when professors place their book orders, they could be informed of less expensive alternatives. Want to know what Jason and Bryan think and who to speak with at the Bookstore about this.
ASUW President Intern
*On Friday, February 5, 2010, emailed Rene about finding students who would like to work on certain things for/with the ASUW President; this email included an attachment with a description of what is being sought
General Academic Affairs and "Revamping" the FIG Program
*On Thursday, 1/28/10, an email was sent to Ed Taylor regarding setting up a meeting to discuss general academic affairs &, specifically, the idea of revamping the FIG program, as well as providing a university 101 curriculum which could include Civic Engagement, Traditions, Health & Wellness, Career Exploration & possible items such as getting around the university.
*On Thursday, 1/28/10, Ed Taylor emailed and stated: "I am going to forward you a message that Cathy Beyer and I recently sent to colleagues across the campus to help us revisit and assess our Freshman Interest Groups. We are in the process of assessing our work in FIGS so the timing of your message is quite good. One of the grand challenges we have with FIGS is that they become the location for a lot of content with little focus. I'll be interested in talking with you about whether all of this can be done in FIGS or whether there are other venues where students can learn some of the matters you are most concerned about. I am copying Cathy Beyer here as she is heading up our assessment work with FIGS--more importantly, she has done a comprehensive study of the undergraduate experience at the UW and may have some data and findings that are relevant as well.  I am also copying Michaelann Jundt on this message as there are some things that we are doing in the realm of civic engagement and service learning that is quite progressive and cross cutting. So, let's begin our discussion about FIGS but also talk about the larger aims of student engagement as we have lots to say on the matter."
*Ed Taylor also mentioned he would sent an invitation to participate in the assessment, as well stating an email should be sent to touch base with Michaelann.
*On Friday, 1/29/10, emailed Ed Taylor, Cathy Beyer and Michaelann Jundt about FIGs being one area that could accomplish these educational/engagement goals
*On Wednesday, 2/3/10, emailed Michaelann Jundt, Cathy Beyer and Ed Taylor about setting up a meeting, possibly next Tuesday, 2/9/10, somewhere between 11:30 a.m.and 4 p.m. to discuss ideas.
Lunch With Leadership Execs From Greeks, RHSA, ECC, Clubs, etc.
*Sent e-mail to: <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <>; <> on Wednesday, January 27, 2010 to see if a time could be scheduled for lunch with the above mentioned Execs.
*Sent out Doodle to above referenced email addresses to schedule lunch on Thursday, January 28, 2010.
ASUW Tab on myuw
*Contacted Millie Elliot (UW Tech) for direction
*Millie Elliot stated we needed to contact Janice Granberg and then forwarded the email to Janice Granberg, who stated they would be more than happy to meet and discuss getting an ASUW tab on MyUW and then forwarded the email on to Fang Lin, the MyUW architect.
*Fang Lin, MyUW architect, sent a follow up email on Wednesday, 1/27/2010 stating she would be happy to discuss getting an ASUW tab set up on MyUW.
*(Need to get back to Fang Lin and Janice Granberg about setting up a time to discuss the ASUW tab)
*E-mailed Phuong and Fang on Wednesday, 1/27/10, about setting up a meeting for next Tuesday, February 2, 2010.
*Fang emailed back and stated Tuesday, February 2, 2010 in the MORNING would be good for both Fang and Janice to meet.
*On Friday 1/29/10, emailed Janice, Fang and Josh Hansen about what time on Tuesday would be a good time to meet
*Josh Hansen cannot attend the meeting on Tuesday, 2/2/10 due to a prior commitment with the Husky Promise tour
*Janice Granberg emailed on Friday 1/29/10 and asked if 11 a.m. in the HUB would work for the meeting or if somewhere else be better
*Fang emailed on Friday, 1/29/10 and stated meeting at 11:30 a.m. on Tuesday would work for both she and Janice and also stated the guidelines about how to create a RSS feed to publish content on MyUW (, as well as stating GPSS uses the RSS feeds for all their contents on MyUW.
*On Friday 1/29/10, emailed Janice and Fang confirming the meeting time and place (11:30 a.m. HUB/ASUW Main Office), as well as attaching a draft of what the page may look like/include
Senate Reform
*Implemented constituent feedback sheet
-need to continue this, make it a part of what senators do, and began utilizing these ideas
Committee reform-utilize small group discussions to increase engagement and senator rapport
-Working on constituent sign in communication & accountability initiative
*Gave presenations to 4 greek houses on 1.25.10
--Need to schedule 8 more for Monday
Small/Study/Community Based Learning
*E-mailed Mary Pat Wenderoth for direction & cc'ed Jason.
*E-mailed Chris Jehne, was directed to Contact Debbie Proctor, administrator, 206-543-8443
*Emailed Rene Singleton and Trevor Whiton on Friday, January 29, 2010 about a word document available with potential venue locations.
Career Counseling with Academic Advising
*On Friday 1/29/10, emailed Susan Terry about directing me to those working on providing a career counseling component to academic advising because I'm discussing the challenge and student perspective of careers with Ed Taylor
*On Friday 1/29/10, emailed Ed Taylor career counseling being included in academic advising
*On Friday 1/29/10, Ed Taylor responded to the email: "Funny you should mention the integration of advising and career preparation. I have two colleagues who have a thing or two to say about this. Let me introduce you to Patsy Wosepka and Susan Terry who are working on a model for integrated advising. They just presented their plans and ideas to a group of advising leaders and it is very thoughtful and forward thinking. I recommend that you find a moment to meet with them as this is precisely where they are headed with their work.  It
might also be worth finding a moment for them to talk about their plans at an ASUW meeting sometime in the near future as this is important work."
*On Friday 1/29/10, Patsy Wosepka sent an email stating she would love to discuss the ideas she and Susan have, hear what you have to say and wants to set up a meeting time.
*On Friday, 1/29/10, Susan Terry sent an email stating she and Patsy would love to discuss with you the project they are working on and wants to set up a meeting time
Reinstating Annual Reception Initiated by UW President/Including UW Admin
*Emailed Lincoln Johnson on Wednesday, 2/3/10, about how to go about reinstating the Annual Reception initiated by the UW President, which included UW Administration leadership (Emmert, Wise, Regents) & incoming/outgoing ASUW BOD, UGC, GPSS, RHSA, SAB & IFC/Panhell exec
*Received response email from Lincoln Johnson on Wednesday, 2/3/10, asking if he should contact Eric about it since he may have some leeway with Emmert
=109th Session of the Associated Students of the University of Washington President=
===[[Timothy Mensing]]===
'''Goals for 2009-2010'''
*Amplify our voice in Olympia by creating a grassroots program to connect more students with our lawmakers
*Strengthen diversity on campus by working with the ECC community to advocate for better recruitment and retention of historically underrepresented and marginalized communities
*Face the budget crisis effectively by initiating widespread student involvement and discussions of cuts
:Creating a New Vision for the Board of Directors
*Reinforce the voice of ASUW senate by directly connecting administration and students insuring implementation of legislation
*Foster community among all UW students through creation of an ASUW mentoring program for new students
*Proactively support and partner with organizations that serve campus communities; SAB, RHSA, IFC, PHC, NPHC, UGC, and CIC
*Connect students to opportunities by expanding the new outreach program I co-founded this year; ASUW Ambassadors
*Systematically increase interplay between all of ASUW to more effectively serve all students
*Distribute a monthly ASUW accountability report to be included in The Daily, as well as in newsletters for community groups
*Build connections by initiating new coalitions of student organizations following the successful model of the new coalition of environmental clubs
*Accountability: Enact robust internal auditing system to ensure that the ASUW accomplishes its stated purposes
*Campus: Insure robust conversation for new projects like renovation of the HUB, ECC, and Hall Health
*Diversity: Work with the ECC community to strengthen programming and improve university policies on diversity
*Entertainment: Provide world class entertainment that works in tandem with student issues and groups
*Funding: Review guidelines for funding student activities to ensure quality opportunities
*Safety: Make campus and the surrounding community safer by expanding block watch, and partnering with the Administration, UW Police, and Seattle Police
*Transparency: Partner with The Daily to publish monthly progress reports, and redesign ASUW website to make information more accessible
*Volunteers: Open up meaningful volunteer positions to give all students opportunities to gain leadership experience
=Delineated Duties=
=Delineated Duties=

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Office Hours

Job Description

See ASUW Constitution and ASUW Bylaws.

  • Overall management of ASUW
  • Oversee and execute political efforts at local, state, and federal levels
  • Ensure wide and effective student participation in shared governance with faculty and administration.
  • Participate and/or take leadership in essential university committees.
  • Lobby in the state capitol for student issues including public testimony to House and Senate committees.
  • Handle major public relations efforts with national and local press.
  • Serve as an ex-officio member of the Board of Regents
  • Make public appearances and speeches at university and community events; attend these events to establish and maintain good relations

The President is alloted an assistant, to be shared with the F&B Director, who aids the President.

Delineated Duties




The President of the ASUW shall:

A. Serve as the Chair of the Board of Directors. The Chair of the Board of Directors shall:

1. Conduct Board of Directors meetings;
2. Appoint committees, with the confirmation of the Board of Directors, except as provided in the Constitution; and
3. Call meetings of the Board of Directors as needed and designate the time and place of the meetings;and
4. Assign floating committee appointments to the Board of Directors as outlined in Article I § (5) (O)

B. Serve as the official spokesperson of the ASUW in campus, community, and inter-school relationships;

C. Serve as ex-officio member with vote on all ASUW committees except on the Elections Administration Committee for recall elections (the President may appoint proxies to these positions);

D. Serve as an ex-officio member without vote on the Board of Regents, the Faculty Senate, the Faculty Senate Executive Committee, and the University Budget Committee (the President may not appoint proxies for these positions);

E. Serve as an ex-officio member without vote on the Alumni Association Board of Trustees (the President may appoint an At-Large member of the Board of Directors to serve as a proxy for this position);

F. Preside at meetings of the Association;

G. Ensure that Board of Directors members, including the Vice President and Directors, are fulfilling their job responsibilities, and if necessary, make recommendations for disciplinary action to the Personnel Director (or Vice President, if it involves the Personnel Director) for failure to perform the duties of their offices;

H. Distribute projects and tasks to the Board of Directors as applicable and ensure their completion,

I. Maintain accountability for twenty-nine hours per week. Twenty-two of these shall be scheduled hours during which time the President's activities and/or whereabouts are known to the front office staff. Meetings and appointments may be scheduled during this time. The remaining seven hours shall be utilized to complete projects, schedule meetings and appointments, or otherwise facilitate the work of the ASUW. A schedule of these hours shall be submitted to the Personnel Director by the first week of each quarter;

J. Shall meet with the ASUW Finance and Budget Director at the beginning of each quarter to establish the responsibilities and allocation of their [Administrative Assistant to the President and Finance & Budget Director|Administrative Assistant]] for that respective quarter. This shall be submitted for approval to the Personnel Director no later than the second week of each quarter;

K. Initiate projects as necessary, including a list of projects on which At-Large members or volunteers will work;

L. Complete a quarterly report and a quarterly evaluation of all Board of Directors members for the Fall and Winter Quarters and submit it to the Personnel Director by the second week of the following quarter;

M. Attend all regularly scheduled Board of Directors meetings or special Board of Directors meetings unless officially excused by the Vice President;

N. Determine the Board of Directors representatives on University Committees by the third week of fall quarter.

O. Ensure that all acts of the Board of Directors are executed;

P. The President or President-elect shall sit on the hiring committees for all positions within the Office of Government Relations for the term in which they will be President. Hiring within the Office of Government Relations shall not take place until after the ASUW elections; and

Q. Ensure good communication with the Board of Directors, ASUW, GPSS, University administration, and University community, including ensuring that all written and electronic correspondence is responded to.

Past and Current Presidents

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