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==Former Committee Chairs==
==Former Committee Chairs & Vice Chairs==
*[[Neil Rotta]] - Session XV (2008-2009)
*[[Neil Rotta]] - Session XV (2008-2009)
*Alex Jouravlev - Session XIV (2007-2008)
*Alex Jouravlev - Session XIV (2007-2008)

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The Off-Campus Affairs committee was established in 2004 as a new committee specifcally delineated to discuss and represent issues and interests of members of the student community who commute to school. This committee deals with matters such as transportation, city issues, disabled persons access, and more.

This committee was renamed to Off Campus Student Life Committee as a part of the senate reforms passed during Session XV. The purpose and mission of the committee has not significantly changed.

[edit] Former Committee Chairs & Vice Chairs

  • Neil Rotta - Session XV (2008-2009)
  • Alex Jouravlev - Session XIV (2007-2008)
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