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==Former Committee Chairs==
==Former Committee Chairs==
*Michelle Nance - Session XVI (2009-2010)
*[[Michelle Nance]] - Session XVI (2009-2010)

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This committee shall communicate with all Senate Liaisons, reviewing their performance and requesting reports as needed. This committee is empowered to submit a request for information to a member of the Board of Directors. This committee can, with a 50% vote, create a recall motion that will be placed at the top of the agenda for that meeting of the Senate. The Vice Chair is a member of this committee.

This committee was created as a part of of the Senate Reforms passed in Session XV as recommended by the Summer Senate Review Committee. This committee first met on October 20, 2009.

Committee Chair

  • Desiree Hanssen - Session XVII (2010-2011)

Former Committee Chairs

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