Session XIII

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  • Gender Neutral Bathrooms: The Senate endorsed [R-13-24], a resolution by M'Liss Dewald calling for "safe, accessible, single-stall gender neutral bathrooms."
  • Student Conduct Code Expansion: At the strong urging of [R-13-8] sponsor and ASUW President Cullen White, and amidst a heated debate that would ultimately lead to votes of confidence for two Senate Officers, the Senate approved a resolution supporting a partial expansion of the [Student Conduct Code]. The Senate also failed an opposing resolution, [R-13-9], after its sponsor, Max Wagner, withdrew his support for his own resolution.

Session XIII was also marked by a continuing debate between members of the Senate and Board of Directors over the nature of the Senate's ability to propose amendments to the ASUW Constitution. See: [SB-13-1], [OA-13-2], and [SO-13-1]. This issue is also related to the 2008 Controversy Over Proposed Ballot Measures, as the central ballot measure at question regarded Senate's ability to propose constitutional amendments.

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