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The Student Regent Selection Committee is a committee representing all UW graduates and undergraduates from all three campuses. It is charged with narrowing down nominees to the position of Student Regent for the Governor.

ASUW Bylaws, Article XVII:

SECTION 1: Powers

A. The Student Regent Selection Committee shall solicit applications for the position of the Student Regent.
B. The Student Region Selection Committee shall review applications and conduct interviews in order to select three to five candidates to be sent to the Governor.

SECTION 2: Membership

A. There shall be eleven voting members as follows:
1. Six ASUW representatives;
2. Three GPSS representatives;
3. One ASUW Bothell representatives; and
4. One ASUW Tacoma representative.
B. The ASUW representatives shall be delineated as follows:
1. ASUW President or proxy from the Board of Directors;
2. One commuter student, defined as an individual who is not recognized as belonging to RHSA, Interfraternity Council, or Panhellenic, and who shall be appointed through the Open Selection Process, absent a Student Senate-recognized commuter union;
3. One ASUW Student Senate Representative, to be selected by the ASUW Student Senate;
4. One Interfraternity Council or Panhellenic Representative, to be selected jointly by the Interfraternity Council and Panhellenic Association;
5. One Residence Hall Student Association Representative to be selected by the Residence Hall Student Association; and
6. One Office of Minority Affairs Student Advisory Board Representative, to be selected by the Student Advisory Board.
C. The ASUW President shall serve as Chair during all even numbered sessions of the ASUW, with the GPSS President as Chair for all other years.

The Student Regent

See: Student Regent

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