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Office Hours

Job Description

The Chair oversees all functions of the Senate and chairs meetings of the Senate and Senate Steering Committee.

Student Senate Bylaws Article III: Officers


A. Compensation
1. No stipend shall be drawn during the Summer Quarter.
2. During Fall, Winter, and Spring Quarters, the Chair shall draw a stipend totaling $4,403.
B. Duties & Responsibilities
1. The Chair shall complete the following tasks on a weekly basis:
(i) hold a minimum of seven (7) office hours outside of meetings;
(ii) convene and chair meetings of the Senate;
(iii) convene and chair meetings of the Steering Committee;
(iv) establish the agenda for each Senate meeting, subject to the approval of the Steering Committee;
(v) notify all Senators of meetings and other relevant information through the use of the Senate e-mail list;
(vi) prepare and deliver a weekly Chair's report to the Senate; and
(vii) appoint Senators to Standing Committees, subject to the approval of the Steering Committee.
2. The Chair shall complete the following tasks at least twice per quarter:
(i) meet with each Standing Committee Chair to discuss responsibilities and evaluate performance;
(ii) conduct Senate Officer reviews; and
(iii) maintain budget records.
3. The Chair shall complete the following tasks on a quarterly basis:
(i) prepare an Entity Report for the ASUW Board of Directors ("Board");
(ii) schedule a regular time and day for Steering Committee meetings;
(iii) coordinate efforts to maintain the Senate website;
(iv) meet with each Senate liaison to discuss responsibilities and evaluate performance; and
(v) conduct goal-setting sessions with other Senate Officers.
4. The Chair shall attend to the following general responsibilities during the entire term:
(i) follow all Senate Bylaws and Rules;
(ii) seek effective follow-through on Resolutions that have been approved by the Senate;
(iii) ensure and assist in the completion of all Senate responsibilities;
(iv) ensure the general fairness of Senate;
(v) serve as the primary spokesperson for the Senate;
(vi) schedule all Senate meetings before the start of Fall Quarter for the upcoming session;
(vii) update the Senate Handbook over the summer for the upcoming session;
(viii) train Committee Chairs as necessary;
(ix) train the incoming officers following their election; and
(x) attend ASUW training and orientation.

Current and Past Senate Chairs

Ada Waelder, 2012-13 - Session 19

Michelle Nance, 2011-2012 - Session 18

Bryan Dosono, 2010-2011 - Session 17

Jed Bradley, 2009-2010 - Session 16

Jon Solomon, 2008-2009 - Session 15

Shawn Fisher, 2007-2008 - Session 14

Hala Dillsi, 2006-2007 - Session 13

Alex Kim, 2005-2006 - Session 12

Zachary Tobin, 2004-2005 - Session 11

Cammie L. Croft, 2003-2004 - Session 10

Sean Kellogg, 2002-2003 - Session 9

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