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Job Description

The Clerk is in charge of all administrative functions of the Student Senate, including maintaining Senate files, writing correspondence and press releases, keeping minutes, tracking legislation, and managing supplies.


The position of Clerk was created as a hired position during Session XV as a result of the Summer Senate Review Committee, replacing the elected position of Student Senate Secretary. The first Senate Clerk was hired for Session XVI.

Student Senate Bylaws Article III: Officers


A. Compensation

1. The Clerk shall be paid an hourly wage set by the Personnel Committee.

B. Duties & Responsibilities

1. The Clerk shall complete the following tasks on a weekly basis:

(i) take minutes at all Senate and Steering Committee meetings, and publish those minutes on the Senate website;

(ii) prepare and submit the Senate minutes to the Steering Committee for approval;

(iii) incorporate the minutes from all Senate committees into the Senate minutes;

(iv) prepare a digital projector and other necessary equipment and documents to display current business during Senate meetings;

(v) publish the Agenda on the Senate website at least twenty-four (24) hours prior to the next Senate meeting;

(vi) collect and post on the Senate website all press clippings relating to the Senate;

(vii) publish Liaison reports on the Senate website

2. The Clerk shall complete the following tasks at least twice per quarter:

(i) incorporate approved changes in the Bylaws and Rules into the electronic copy on the Senate website and all other publicly accessible copies;

(ii) coordinate with the Vice-Chair to maintain and update the ASUW Standing Opinion Index, Legislative Database, and the Senate website; and

(iii) complete a Senate Officer Review with the Chair.

3. The Clerk shall complete the following tasks on a quarterly basis:

(i) post Senate office hours for officers and committee chairs.

4. The Clerk shall attend to the following general responsibilities during the entire term:

(i) follow all Senate Bylaws and Rules;

(ii) perform tasks as assigned by the Chair;

(iii) provide expertise when considering changes to the Senate Rules or Bylaws;

(iv) maintain a binder that outlines their tasks and duties to facilitate the transition between Clerks.; and

(v) attend ASUW training and orientation.

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