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Office Hours

Job Description

The Membership Coordinator is in charge of maintaining membership rosters, overseeing attendance records, and serving on the Senate Publicity, Outreach, and Membership Committee. Jennifer Duffy is the current Membership Coordinator.


A. Compensation
1. No stipend shall be drawn during the Summer Quarter.
2. During Fall, Winter, and Spring Quarter, the Membership Coordinator shall draw a stipend of $61.44 per week.
B. Duties & Responsibilities
1. The Membership Coordinator shall complete the following tasks on a weekly basis:
(i) hold a minimum of five (5) office hours outside of meetings;
(ii) attend all meetings of the Steering Committee;
(iii) attend all meetings of the Senate;
(iv) receive and process all forms relating to Senate membership;
(v) coordinate attendance-taking at each Senate meeting;
(vi) maintain an updated attendance database for the duration of the session;
(vii) maintain and update the Senate Membership List for the duration of the session including a list of the seniority of the Senators currently serving;
(viii) notify Senators and constituencies of attendance infractions as required by the attendance policy;
(ix) receive and approve proxies at Senate meetings and verify that all proxies are voted consistent with any proxy instructions; :::(x) sit on the Publicity, Outreach, and Membership Committee;(xi) provide to the Chair a list of all Senators in good standing who require assignment to a Standing Committee.
2. The Membership Coordinator shall complete the following tasks at least twice per quarter:
(i) complete a Senate Officer Review with the Chair.
3. The Membership Coordinator shall complete the following tasks on a quarterly basis:
(i) distribute membership materials to new Senators; and
(ii) review Senate Membership forms to ensure that they are meeting requirements and create or remove forms as necessary.
4. The Membership Coordinator shall attend to the following general responsibilities during the entire term:
(i) follow all Senate Bylaws and Rules;
(ii) perform tasks as assigned by the Chair;
(iii) update and maintain a complete Senate contact information list and update all Senate e-mail lists as necessary as well as updating the Senate Handbook before the first meeting of the Senate in Fall Quarter;
(iv) organize awards and recognition efforts of the Senate;
(v) train the incoming officers following their election; and
(vi) attend ASUW training and orientation.

Current and Past Senate Membership Coordinators

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