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Office Hours


Job Description

The Vice Chair assumes the responsibilities of the Student Senate Chair in the absence of the Chair. The Vice Chair also represents the Senate to the Board of Directors and other organizations and oversees all Senate Standing Committees. The Chair may coordinate with the Vice Chair to ensure these duties are carried out.

Session XVI Senate Vice Chair

Sarah Round

Goals for 2009-2010

  • Transform the Senate into a proactive rather than reactive body. Firstly, instead of only waiting for Senator applications, go to Off-Campus Student Association, Panhellenic, IFC, and RHSA meetings and encourage those groups to use their Senate seats, encourage Senators to attend meetings regularly, and encourage those groups to write legislation.
  • Work with the Director of Diversity Efforts to reach out to Commissions and RSOs to encourage those groups to use their Senate seats, encourage Senators to attend regularly, and encourage those groups to write legislation.
  • In addition, reach out to Commuters and incoming students by providing a flyer to be given out during orientation sessions and the quarterly orientation sessions offered to transfer students.

  • Each Senator is more then a Senator within their constituency; they are a liaison of the Association to their constituents. If elected Vice-Chair my goal would be to strengthen this position of a liaison by creating a summary email with bill information and upcoming ASUW volunteer opportunities to be forwarded to the list serves of each constituency by the Senator.
  • Increase the Senate’s presence on campus through supporting the efforts and contributing ideas to the Publicity, Outreach, and Membership Committee.
  • Increase the participation of new Senators by developing an orientation program, empowering them to write legislation, and have legislation brainstorming sessions at the beginning of each quarter.
  • Ensure Senate is following the Senate Constitution, Bylaws, and Alice Sturgis’s Parliamentary Procedure rules (except in times when it conflicts with the rules and bylaws, a rule found in the beginning of the Senate Rules document). Additionally, ensure the Senate rules and bylaws are being followed.
  • Through membership on the Oversight committee, work to keep Senate liaisons accountable and have reports on file from the meetings attended by each liaison.
  • Work with the ASUW webmaster to create a user friendly Senate website with up to date minutes and include the summaries of Senate Meetings written for the Board of Directors on the Senate website.
  • Assist in the writing and drafting of Senate legislation.
  • Ensure the interests of Senate are being represented within the Board of Directors.

Job Description

The primary concern of the Student Senate Vice Chair is to maintain open communication and harmony between the Board of Directors and the Student Senate. It is necessary to keep each body informed of the other’s actions to ensure an understanding of the needs and desires of the general student body. The Vice Chair also acts as parliamentarian to the Student Senate and acts as Chair for Senate Steering or general Senate meetings should the Chair be unable to attend.

Delineated Duties

Student Senate Bylaws Article III: Officers


A. Compensation
1. No stipend shall be drawn during the Summer Quarter.
2. During Fall, Winter, and Spring Quarters, the Vice Chair shall draw a stipend totaling $3,273.
B. Duties & Responsibilities
1. The Vice-Chair shall complete the following tasks on a weekly basis:
(i) hold a minimum of five (5) office hours outside of meetings;
(ii) attend all meetings of the Steering Committee;
(iii) attend all meetings of the Senate, and assist as needed in the coordination of Senate meetings;
(iv) fill the seat on the Board that is constitutionally delineated to the Senate; [ASUW Const., Art. VI, ¤1(A)(7)]
(v) introduce all Senate Bills that pass the Senate to the Board at the next regularly scheduled Board meeting;
(vi) notify the Board of all approved Resolutions, Orders, Legislative Directives, Requests for Information, and any other relevant actions taken by the Senate to ensure that the Board remains informed about Senate's activities;
(vii) report to the Senate on actions taken by the Board in regard to Senate Resolutions or Bills; and
(viii) update the Senate Legislative Database to reflect all amendments to and dispositions of legislation by Senate committees, the Steering Committee, or by the Senate; and
(ix) compile and send out a Weekly Events e-mail to the Senate e-mail list.
2. The Vice-Chair shall complete the following tasks at least twice per quarter:
(i) organize Senate public events;
(ii) maintain an in-office calendar of ASUW efforts;
(iii) organize new Senator orientations;
(iv) coordinate with the Secretary to maintain and update the ASUW Standing Opinion Index on the Senate website; and
(v) confirm the configuration and reservation of the Senate meeting room; and
(vi) complete a Senate Officer Review with the Chair.
3. The Vice-Chair shall complete the following tasks on a quarterly basis:
(i) coordinate the attendance of public speakers to the Senate; and
(ii) maintain and review the list of all Select Committees of the Senate, recommending to the Senate the dissolution of Select Committees where applicable.
4. The Vice-Chair shall attend to the following general responsibilities during the entire term:
(i) follow all Senate Bylaws and Rules;
(ii) preside over the Steering Committee and the Senate in the absence of the Chair;
(iii) provide legislative assistance to Senators;
(iv) oversee the work of all Standing committees, providing all necessary assistance and guidance to Standing Committee chairs;
(v) serve as the Senate parliamentarian;
(vi) train the incoming officers following their election; and
(vii) attend ASUW training and orientation.

Current and Past Vice Chairs

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