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UW Leaders Purpose and Mission Statement

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UW Leaders aims to develop leadership skills in students by guiding them toward a wide variety of involvement opportunities and fostering leadership development through mentorship and workshops.
Leaders are made, not born.
For more information please check out the UW Leaders Website as it is updated: http://uwleaders.asuw.org

About UW Leaders

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UW Leaders is an ASUW program that offers leadership-building opportunities for freshmen, sophomores and transfer juniors. Whether students have been involved in leadership in the past or are looking to get started now, UW Leaders will help them maximize their leadership potential while welcoming them into a close-knit and meaningful community of accomplished individuals.
UW Leaders provides opportunities for personal growth, leadership development, campus involvement, and service for freshmen, sophomores, and transfer juniors at the University of Washington. Students in the program can expect to improve their leadership skills while developing a strong sense of community.
The structure of the program provides instruction on leadership principles and offers opportunities for service both on and off campus. We hold a mandatory retreat the first weekend of winter quarter, as well as weekly meetings every Wednesday (5-7pm) during winter and spring quarter. Throughout the program, members of UW Leaders will design and implement a small group service project to correspond with their areas of interest. In addition, we will be providing options for small service projects and opportunities for campus involvement.
Along with leadership and service, a major component of our program is the development of strong relationships. This process will happen through the guidance of the mentors who develop the curricula and structure of the program.

The People

Program Directors

Two Program Directors are in charge of oversight for the UW Leaders program. Program Directors help to guide the vision and direction of the program during the year, facilitate Mentor meetings, and manage the UW Leaders budget. Program Directors are employees of the ASUW.


Mentors are students who have either been Leaders in the program before or have shown leadership abilities in other places on campus. Mentors apply to the program in the Spring and work during Fall, Winter, and Spring quarter to plan the Workshops, provide mentorship to a Leader, and facilitate Explorations for the group.


Leaders are students who are in their first year with the program. Each Leader applies during Fall quarter and participates in the retreats, Workshops and Explorations during Winter and Spring quarter.

Senior Advisory Board

The Senior Advisory Board includes all of the seniors in UW Leader. The Senior Advisory Board provides guidance and makes recommendations to the Program Directors. They also help facilitate the feedback and evaluation of the program.

SAO Advisor

Each year, an advisor from the Student Activities Office advises UW Leaders. While they provide guidance, the Program Directors and Mentors are autonomous in their decision-making.

Board of Directors Liaison

Each year the ASUW Vice President serves as the Board of Directors Liaison to the program. Not only do they serve as a Mentor, but they also represent UW Leaders at Board of Directors meetings.

Meetings and Activities


Workshops are held every Wednesday during Winter and Spring quarter from 5-7 pm, typically in the Hub. Each workshop focuses on a different aspect of leadership development, such as defining your personal leadership styled and resumes and interviewing. The Workshops are generally planned and facilitated by the Mentors, although some may feature guest speakers who are experts in a given field.


Workshops are organized into four separate Units: the You-nit (personal reflection and development), Project Planning, Communication, and Preparing for the Future. The Sequence of Units is meant to build Mentors’ and Leaders’ skills in a purposeful and progressive manner.

Leadership Projects

Leadership Projects are designed by Leaders in their area of interest and carried out in groups of 4-6. Projects are very open-ended and can be anything the Leaders want them to be – project groups can organize a community service project, start a business, or create a new Registered Student Organization. The planning for these projects takes place Winter and Spring quarter and projects will be presented by the end of May.


Explorations are opportunities that allow Mentors and Leaders to grow through experiential learning. Explorations are designed by the Mentors and provide Mentors with and opportunity to develop their own leadership skills in an area of their interest.

Winter Retreat

The Winter Retreat is one of the most memorable parts of the UW Leaders program. It takes place the first weekend of Winter quarter, and is an opportunity for the group to bond away from campus. The retreat takes place off campus at Pack Forest.

Spring Retreat

The Spring retreat takes place the first weekend of Spring quarter, and is an opportunity for the group to check in and recommit to the program. The actual activities vary depending on the Mentors that plan it, but the format is typically a day-long retreat at a nearby park or beach.

Contact Information

ASC Director: Chelsa Ayers

Advisor: Jennifer Pope

Office: HUB 131L

Phone: 206.543.4238

E-mail: asuwlead@u.washington.edu

Facebook: ASUW UW Leaders

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