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Office Hours


Job Description

The ASUW Vice President is responsible for appointing all ASUW representatives to external governing committees, i.e. University committees and Faculty Councils. He/she is also responsible for working with the volunteers throughout the quarter to ensure that the needs of students are well represented on each of these committees and to keep the Board of Directors up to date on pertinent issues that affect students.

The Vice President also serves as the liaison to the UW Leaders program in order to keep the Board of Directors up to date on the progress and success of the program.

Finally, the Vice President serves in all the capacities in which the President is unavailable.

109th Session of the Associated Students of the University of Washington Vice President

Madeleine McKenna

Goals for 2009-2010

Make ASUW a stronger advocate for student voice

  • Recruit proactive and qualified ASUW volunteers to monitor the university budget and use of student fees on ASUW, university, and faculty committees.
  • Amplify the impact of students in university governance by providing continued support and leadership development opportunities for all current ASUW volunteers.
  • Facilitate communication between ASUW volunteers, Student Senate, and the Board of Directors to make sure that all of the Association’s moving parts are working in tandem.
  • Build a diverse applicant pool for ASUW volunteer positions and integrate historically marginalized communities within student government.

Make ASUW responsive, accountable, and relevant to the student body it serves

  • Expand on existing projects to increase the transparency of the ASUW and increase student awareness about what ASUW is and what it does.
  • Hold the ASUW accountable to its stated purpose and goals, as well as hold Board of Directors members accountable to campaign promises.
  • Open ongoing lines of communication between ASUW and other student groups.

Empower and inspire an active student citizenry.

  • Increase opportunities for volunteerism in the ASUW through new projects and programs such as ASUW Ambassadors, a new student government outreach program.
  • Host forums to promote cross-campus collaboration and dialogue among student groups, including a student leadership summit.
  • Foster a more caring, personal, and unified campus culture through such initiatives as a peer mentorship program for all incoming UW students.

Delineated Duties




The Vice President shall:

A. Discharge the duties of the President in case of the latter's absence, resignation, or forfeiture of office;

B. Serve as a member of the Board of Directors;

C. Maintain permanent of committee memberships, appointing authorities, terms of appointments,and mandated information;

D. Maintain files of all ASUW applicants to University positions and non-paid ASUW positions;

E. Maintain files of names and addresses of all current ASUW representatives and of all persons holding non-paid positions;

F. Determine vacant ASUW, University, and non-paid positions for the year;

G. Work with the Publicity and Programming Committee to advertise open positions and recruit volunteers;

H. Coordinate with the Director of Diversity Efforts to recruit diverse applicant pools for volunteer appointments;

I. Coordinate and supervise the interviewing for non-paid ASUW positions following the open selection process as defined in Article VI § 1 B;

J. Submit nomination and appointment bills for ASUW non-paid positions and University appointments;

K. Notify appointing authorities and appropriate University administrators of ASUW nominations and appointments to University Committees;

L. Monitor and advise the Board of Directors of any delinquencies in ASUW appointments to University positions and ASUW non-paid positions;

M. Determine with the University Registrar that ASUW nominations and appointments are undergraduate students with at least six credit hours or graduate students with at least four credit hours;

N. Establish the open-selection process, in collaboration with the Personnel Director, to be approved by the Board of Directors by the end of the second week of Fall Quarter;

O. Prepare reports to the Board of Directors on ASUW volunteer appointments;

P. Schedule

Q. Serve as ASUW liaison to ASUW representatives on University committees, and inform said representatives of all ASUW policies, resolutions, and stances relevant to their committees;

R. Compile quarterly reports from all ASUW representatives on University committees.

S. Complete quarterly reports for Fall and Winter Quarters, which detail his/her work during that quarter, and submit to the Personnel Director by the second week of the following quarter;

T. Maintain accountability for twenty-five work hours per week, including twenty scheduled office hours,during which time the Vice President's activities and/or whereabouts are known to the front office staff;(meetings and appointments may be scheduled during this time). The remaining five hours shall be utilized to complete projects, schedule meetings and appointments, or otherwise facilitate the work of the ASUW. A schedule of these hours shall be submitted to the Personnel Director by the first week of each quarter;

U. Shall meet with the ASUW Personnel Director at the beginning of each quarter to establish the responsibilities and allocation of their Administrative Assistant for that respective quarter. This shall be submitted for approval to the President no later than the second week of each quarter;

V. Complete initiated projects as directed by the ASUW President.

W. Initiate projects as necessary;

X. Schedule quarterly ASUW Board of Director Forums.

Y. Conduct a yearly survey on student needs, ASUW recognition and suggestions.

Z. Attend all regularly scheduled Board of Directors meetings or special Board of Directors meetings unless officially excused by the President or the Personnel Director; and

AA. Coordinate with the Board of Directors to update the ASUW mission statement as necessary.

BB. Act as official liason to the UW Leaders

Current and Past Vice Presidents

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