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The Wanted Housing page can be used to make a list of desired housing. This page will be linked to from the ocha website so that landlords can find out what students want. You may want to include contact information so that a landlord can contact you after listing a property that fits your description. However, remember that this page is accessible to everyone (so that landlords can see it) so you may want to disguise your address so that bots are not able to grab your address and spam you. For example: asuwtech@u.washington.edu could become asuwtech at u dot washington dot edu.

For help on editing this page to add your listing please view the help pages.

Desired Housing

Example: Roommate or Housing Wanted Today's Date: 5/8/2007 Term Needed: 6/1/2007 - 9/1/2007 Rent Willing to Pay: $850 Contact: Mary Jane Phone: 555-5555 Email: noone.com Preferred Situation: I would like to live in a one bedroom apartment near the University of Washington. I need a car space, I am flexible, non-smoker and great personality.

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